About Snap Shades

Snap Shades providing model-specific magnetic sun shades since 2017

Founded in Sydney, Australia. Snap Shades is one of the leading and most trusted sun shade brands and is now servicing the US! We are now located in Industry City in Brooklyn, NY.

As new parents the founders were in the market to look for sun shades for the newborn but were not able to find a shade they could trust to block out UVA/UVB. Most shades on the market didn’t last long nor were they easy to install, with straps and clips they ruined the look of the interior.

With this in mind, Snap Shades was born – a sun shade that has been Lab Tested by Australia’s government body ARPANSA – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, it’s a sun shade you can trust. All Snap Shades are made model-specific, form fitting for each car, are installed on the inside with magnets.

We hope we become a family household staple and hope you love our shades as much we love them.